The ‘Gospel’ & ‘The Law’

Forgive your enemies / turn the other cheek:  It’s not possible to ignore crime and criminals, as the law is to be upheld ‘without fear or favour’, and yet the Fellowship member will also know that the law can be enforced with compassion and with Christian loving care.  Members talk to each other about such experiences and how it has challenged and strengthened them when in decision situations.

Being a Christian is not incompatible with enforcing the laws of the land, in fact a committed Christian will welcome the opportunity to be of a ‘Christ like’ mind when representing the people as he/she carries out duties.

We are a network of caring police brothers and sisters who are always ready with a word of help and kindly concern, when others (in a Corps) cannot really appreciate the uniqueness of police work and its difficulties.  Membership of the ‘Blue Shield Fellowship’ can guarantee a wide network of similar minded officers who are there when you need support and also when we have great successes to share.